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    Cell Sole Footbeds
    CellSole Footbeds - Featuring CellStretch Comfort Technology - One-of-a-kind patented cell comfort technology that responds by activating more than 100 individual pressure points of cloud-like comfort. With every step, each cell compresses and rebounds


    CellSole footbeds unique approach for performance enhances the comfort of any footwear, in any shape necessary. Find relief, fast.


    CellSole footbeds feature CellStretch patented cell comfort technology – a subline network of comfort cells that cradle the heel and ball of your foot. More than 100 interconnected comfort cells, cradle and support, while making every step feel like you’re walking on a cloud of comfort, creating an ever-lasting impression with every step.

    Best in Class Information
    Best in Class

    Antibacterial Footbeds

    CellSole footbeds are made from antistatic microfiber material that absorbs moisture, keeping your feet feeling dry and reducing foot odor.

    Molded Arch and Heel Support

    Molded arch support follows the natural shape of the arch, minimizing stress of the foot while the molded heel cups contour and cradle the heel, offering support and stability, while minimizing side-to-side movement. 

    Premium Materials

    Air-blown premium polyurethane (PU), known for its resilience and compressions resistance, offers a footbed that holds it shape overtime. 

    Support, Stability and Reduced Friction

    This custom full length footbed shape provides stability while reducing stress and shock on your feet, ankles and knees. 

    Vegan Friendly and Natural

    No animal products or by-products are used in the construction of the footbeds. 

    A footbed that compresses then rebounds
    A footbed that compresses then rebounds